Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

The holiday season is in full swing and tha has allowed time for some gaming.

Late last week Rob and Lliam came around to play some KoW. Rob is practising with his Orcs for an event down in Dunedin in February. Points is set at 2250 points. Rob and I played Loot and with my Herd army getting first turn I was able to get a jump on him and grab all three markers.

In the second game he played Lliam at Dominate - Lliam was using Empire of Dust - and they fought out a draw both in the scenario and also on attrition.

We then had a game of "Gorechosen" where I was able to whittle away at them both until in true Khorne style, Rob decapitated my fighter with "Headshot".

On the hobby front, I started printing a new piece of terrain. The "Observatory" is probably the largest piece I've made and it has some components that require 24+ hours printing time. I'm working through it and should have it done by midweek. That's the plan anyway.

I've got a game of 40k lined up versus Sam tomorrow. It will be my first game in 7-8 years I think. Should be interesting anyway.

In my downtime I've been listening to some 40k podcasts. I can only say that they don't paint a very attractive picture of tournament 40k. It appears that list building is a major part of game outcome while some of the behaviours /approaches seem less than fun. Hopefully the game will play well from a non-tournament viewpoint.


  1. Orcs seem to struggle in KoW - just getting mine up to 2k - any tips?

    1. I've only played them a couple of times but the thing that stands out to me is their lack of mobility. This was really in evidence versus my Herd.

      We talked about this after the game and we agreed that you really need some Skulks in your army to Vanguard towards objectives otherwise you run the risk of being caught flat-footed. The army is strong in Dominate and its ilk, not so much in Loot.