Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

It has been a funny week on the hobby front. At the end there hasn't been a lot of physical output but there has been a lot achieved.

Firstly, I have been trying to resolve a 3D printing problem. The nozzle on my extruder has been blocking 10 minutes or so into a print. I jumped onto one of the online communities and with their help was able to quickly isolate the cause of the problem. I currently have two solutions in train, a replacement tube fixes the immediate problem and 3Design are sending me one free, and a more long term plan. I have purchased a full metal hot end extruder that will allow more consistent printing and alleviate the current problem. What was interesting was delving into the 3D community and seeing how many resources (video, forums etc) were available.

Also been continuing the big summer clean up. My wargaming room has been given a thorough spring clean ready for the upcoming year. I've even wall mounted a whiteboard to keep a record of projects etc. by the end of the week it should be spick and span.

I've ordered the new "Gangs of Commorragh" game from GW. It looks like emo quidditch from the reviews I've seen. Really like Gorechosen so thought I'd try this. Great value too. I'm getting 6 Reavers and 10 Hellions for about 40% retail. I'll look to paint them to fit in with my existing Dark Eldar army.

Also ordered the new Kings of War 'Clash of Kings' supplement from Mantic via Mighty Ape. I can't wait for this to drop as I think it will really shakeup the meta.

On Saturday I called into the annual "Valleycon" convention run by the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club. The event attracted 120+ gamers and I noted tournaments in 40k, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, Bolt Action, Flames of War and DBMM. It is always great to go along and see a full hall of engaged gamers enjoying their hobby. Scott from the Kapiti shop was there so I picked up some basing supplies and a purple rattle can.

Finally, I assembled a unit of blades for my Emperor's Children. These are the FW Palatine Blades from 30k but my intention is to use them in 40k. I am hoping to get them at least base coated for my game versus Hagen on Saturday.

Enjoy your hobby week.

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