Friday, February 3, 2017


Due to a few ongoing family issues I've been relatively quiet over the last month but one thing I have started is building up some 40k themed trenchworks.

One of Printable Scenery's Kickstarters had a modular trench system you could print out. These are based around 4" wide pieces that you arrange as you desire. There are ends, straights, T-junctions, 90 degree turns and half turns.

My intention is to print off sufficient modules so that I can cover the width of a 6' x 4' board in three lines of trenches with interconnecting trenches between.

My thinking is that these will be good for scenario and narrative games - as well as look good on the table.

The pics are the raw plastic but I am sure that these will paint up well especially using weathering and rust effects.

Currently I have six modules printed up with a target of 100!!!


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  1. 100 sections will keep you busy, but they will paint up well I suspect. If those wall sections were separate they wouldn't look out of place in a dwarf fortification line either... hmm...