Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Lots of things done this week, just not too much on the creative front.

First of all, I got two games of KoW in on Saturday. I've got to say that I love this game, in that the rules are so crisp and clear that it allows you to focus on tactics rather than application of layers of combos. In the games I had, I was specifically trying out the Chimera that had been recommended to me as a "must have" unit. After using it I can see where it has application but again with so much of KoW the devil is in the detail of how you use it. The Chimera can Fly, has CS2 but it only has 7 attacks. You are paying 210 points for it so you need to be aware that throwing it in frontally by itself is not going to pay dividends....even against chaff.

Secondly, I purchased the two Gathering Storm books. I chose to get the enhanced iBook versions largely because they are half the price of the physical versions. My main interest is in reading the advancing storyline so they will hit the bedside table once I finish the Night Lords' Omnibus.

I received my copy of "Gangs of Commorragh" last week. This new initiative of GW to produce mini-games with standard models in it is fantastic. I have a Dark Eldar army painted by Troy Forster that featured in a four page spread in White Dwarf (somewhere between #250-270) which lacked Hellions and had 6 Reavers. The ability to add a further 6 Reavers plus 20 of the new Hellions is win-win.
Printing continued on my trenchworks. I've now got an additional 10 modules to paint. The PLA filament I was waiting on has arrived so I can get back to them. My intention is to have three 4' parallel lines joined by connecting trenches so I need 15-16' of models to complete the project. After this I have an Aztec Ruin and a Daemon Summoning Dais I want to print.

I managed to get the Players Pack out for the first of the Warlords Super Series to be played on March 18. Hopefully we will see a good turnout. I know it is easy for me to say but it is important that the community support these events if we want want KoW to grow. There are competing calls for our time and with the fractured nature of Fantasy here in NZ at the moment growth and continuity are essential.

The hall for the Fields of Blood NZ Masters has been booked. The event will be held in Wellington on the first weekend in December and will have competitions for the three genres that FOB provides rankings for - Kings of War, Warhammer 40k and Flames of War. I urge TOs to send through their results and I'll get them uploaded to ensure the rankings are up to date. Thanks to the three gentlemen who lodged results this week.

Coming up I have my monthly 40k game with Hagen on the first Sunday in March. He gets to wipe the table with me and I get to moan about how bloated and cumbersome the 40k rules are 👍. Win-win. 

And if anyone is looking for a game of Kings of War just drop me a line.....I have a table available for evening or weekend play. The Clask of Kings Organised Play Book is released this week and I'm interested to try out some of the new scenarios, spells and magic items.

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  1. I've read the first gathering storm book and have mixed feelings on it. Storyline is definitely advancing and some character interactions are really good, but I think it started getting very end timey towards then end... But maybe I'm just still bitter.