Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mantic Trident Realms

Mantic have released some updated pictures of their new Trident Realms figures.


Riverguard Captain


Thuul Shaman


These are much better photos than Mantic previously released. I'm still not convinced by the Gigas but they look 100% better than the initial photos. Here you can at least see the detail.

I really like the Riverguard and the Champ and would go as far as saying that they are probably my favourite Mantic models to date. they really capture the amphibian nature of the troops (helped by a very good paintjob). 

Would like to see a different paintjob on the Thuul as I'm still of the opinion the current one is probably a bit unflattering.

Great to see some in-action shots - really capture the army.

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