Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Shattered Landscape

Probably the thing that I've regretted most over the past 2-3 years is the shattering of the Fantasy wargaming scene in New Zealand. This is not just a local problem but its effects are amplified when we start from a smaller player base.

One of the most enjoyable experiences I've had was organising the three NZ Team Championships. In its second year it attracted 64 players and it was wonderful to see WHFB players from around the country interacting over the weekend.

With the demise of WHFB there has been a shattering of the local player base with "refugees" coalescing into three systems - Age of Sigmar, Kings of War and The Ninth Age. Each has its proponents and different games are stronger in different areas. For instance, AoS is seeing a real surge here in Wellington backed by the support of the local GW shops and managers.

Over time I suspect one system will gain dominance and given the company behind it, I think it is more likely to be Age of Sigmar. New minis of high quality (and generally good design) plus a monthly mag, increased social media just mean it has the dice stacked in its favour. Personally it doesn't appeal to me as it is a skirmish game but as they say in the movies "You can't fight City Hall". In the end it will likely attract more new entrants and from there that lifeblood will provide growth.

The key thing is to play the game you enjoy and make the most of your local scene. To that end the Warlords are having a designated Kings of War day on the third Saturday of every month. This will encompass regular tournaments - see recent post - multiplayer games and the certainty that if you come along you will get a game. The other games are welcome too and recently there have been regular AoS games on view. I haven't seen any Ninth Age but any players of that are more than welcome as well.

I'm sure the Fantasy genre will survive....and that it will look different in two years time than it does now. The only certainty really is change. Will we get back to the tournament scene of early 8th Edition? I don't know. People will gravitate to what they enjoy. The best advertisement is to keep having fun.



  1. You Bring up some fair points Pete. I think it was always going to happen. I think rise of x wing has played a part as well also we are dinosaurs who wants to paint an army when you can open a x wing model and put it on the table