Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trenchworks - 3D Printed

Over the last fortnight I have been printing 40k trenches for some upcoming games.

The first line of trenchworks is now completed with the connector trench to the second line also finished.

The picture above has an Ork on a 25mm base entering the labyrinth. The trenches are all modular made up of 4" square sections.

There are around 24 sections in this layout with the top of the "T" being 60" across.

The interesting thing is the cost. Each section costs around NZ$1.50 to print - so NZ$36 (US$ 26) for the lot. The actual printing cost was the cost of the Citadel Caliban Green rattlecan to spray them.

Mine have been painted to match the GW bastions I have and the Skyshield Landing pad.

Really happy with how they've turned out and I'm going to do another 36 which will give me a three trench defensive line for 30k and 40k games.

For those interested the models are from Printable Scenery and the cost of the file pack is NZ$9.95 (though I got mine as part of their Apocalypse Ruins Kickstarter).


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