Sunday, February 5, 2017

Creature Caster Finally Delivers

Two years, three months late I finally received my models from Creature Caster. This Kickstarter has been a clusterfuck right from the beginning - or more correctly, since CC received the pledged funds. I will be making a post on the KS in the next few days but this post will provide some pictures of the models I received.

It is fair to say that early pictures of the finished models showed a distinct divergence from the promised "jewellery grade quality". Detail was very soft in a lot of cases while there was evidence of mold shifts and overall casting inexperience. So it was with some trepidation that I received my finished models. I pledged for three daemons - the Vulture Daemon, the Maggot Daemon and the Plague Angel while local gamer Peter Williamson purchased the Treewoman.

1. Plague Angel

2. Maggot Daemon

3. Vulture Daemon

4. Treewoman

So as you can see some of the detail is "soft" and the surface looks very greasy. I'm hoping a good wash in detergent will remove any release agent on the models allowing paint to adhere properly.

The quality is nowhere near the finish quality I expected when I pledged and the casting is significantly lower than that of Ultraforge, the creator's previous company. Without paint they look like above average Reaper models.

I am looking forward to painting them as I think conceptually they are interesting and a different take on GW's IP.

Check back later in the week when I'll give my opinion on Creature Caster and in particular the creator of this Kickstarter Jeremy Glen. Hint: It ain't going to be pretty.



  1. Thanks for the up close pics. It does look a bit greasy, as you say hopefully a wash will fix it. But it does make it look like the details won't 'grab' very well with paint

  2. Wow Pete, you end up waiting for 2 years for Mantic models. I have been waiting about a similar time for the Raging heroes TGG2, Its been so long that Dark Elves have become extinct while waiting for the kick starter to deliver. But at least I didnt order many dark elves and ordered a bunch of other things.

    I think the challenge figure casting kick starters suffer from is that the backers need to be still planning on playing the game they are ordering the models for in three years time when they hit the table. with the rate of introduction of new games these days. it is hard to predict what will be a popular game that far into the future.

  3. Wow what a difference between when this was running and the final product. In the interim many things have changed, both game system wise and model quality from competitors, that I'd be very put off another kickstarter from same company.