Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emperor's Children Rapture Battalion

I've had a couple of games now with the Emperor's Children and I am using the Rapture Battalion detachment in "Traitor Legions".

I am building this around the Kakophoni formation as this provides the most thematic EC army. At 1500 points this is exceptionally hard as you need six units of Noise Marines, an HQ choice and an Auxiliary choice to maximise the benefits. With the Auxiliary choice my cheapest option is to take a single Spawn marked with Slaanesh. At 33 points it is all I can really afford. To give some punch I have chosen a Daemon Prince as "Lord of the Legion". He represents my old Noise Lord Challis Drant who after ten years in abeyance has ascended to daemonhood.

So the current list I'm using runs as follows:

  • Lord of Legion - Daemon Prince with Wings, Power Armour (215 points)
  • Kakophoni (1252 points)
  1. Chaos Lord - Bike, Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption, Blissgiver, Warlord (160 points)
  2. Noise Marines - 8x Noise Marines with free CCW, Champion with Doom Siren, Icon of Excess, Melta Bombs, Lightning Claw in Chaos Rhino with Dozer Blade (276 points)
  3. Noise Marines - 4x Noise Marines with 3x Sonic Blaster and one Blastmaster with Champion with Doom Siren, Power Sword and Icon of Excess (195 points)
  4. Noise Marines - 4x Noise Marines with 3x Sonic Blaster and one Blastmaster with Champion with Doom Siren, Power Sword and Melta Bombs (169 points)
  5. Noise Marines - 4x Noise Marines with Sonic Blaster with Champion with Doom Siren, Melta Bombs and Power Sword (142 points)
  6. Noise Marines - 4x Noise Marines with 3x Sonic Blasters with Champion with Doom Siren and Melta Bombs (155 points)
  7. Noise Marines - as per #6 (155 points)
  • Auxiliary - Chaos Spawn - Mark of Slaanesh (33 points)

I don't see the list as at all strong in the current game as it sticks to a single detachment that has high cost of entry. There is little in the way of AP2 in the list and little mobility. I'm not convinced with the Rhino as it looks to me to be a free "First Blood" point but hey ho.

As I expand the list to 1850 points I'm likely just to add options to existing units i.e. Expanding all to six man, adding in icons and options.

Anyway interested in any feedback and assistance.



  1. If you can find points for the Black Mace on the Daemon Prince that increases Damage potential for him

  2. Up to that point, they are required to have lawful and physical caretakers, more often than not their folks.