Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kings of War Terrain Maps

I've been meaning to post these up here for some time. Last year epicdwarf on the Mantic Forum created some terrain maps for KoW. These maps use the same set of terrain features to create 12 different and challenging battlefields.

You can download them here

Here is Map 12:

The terrain pieces are as follows:

  • 2x Hills - Height 2
  • 2x Obstacles (walls/fences) - Height 1
  • 2x Woods - Height 4
  • 2x Impassable (red hex and grey lozenge e.g. buildings, large stone) - Height 2-4
  • 2x Difficult Terrain - e.g ploughed field (yellow rectangle)/pond (blue oval) - Height 0-1
One of the good things is that there are no hills in any deployment area in the 12 maps. This encourages movement and hopefully creates a better game.

As I understand it epicdwarf is working on an upgraded pack with more maps.

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