Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kings of War Events in Wellington 2017

I will be organising a series of Kings of War events in Wellington during 2017.

The first set will be a return of the Warlords Super Series, four individual one day tournaments to be held at Wellington Warlords during the year. Each will be 2000 points and played over four rounds. The events will use the Clash of Kings 2017 Tournament Pack rules.

The dates for the individual events are as follows:

  • Summer - 18 March
  • Autumn - 20 May
  • Winter - 22 July
  • Spring - 30 September (moved to 4th Saturday due to General Election)
The cost of these events is $25 each. However they are free if you are a full Wellington Warlords member (annual sub $50), so much cheaper to sign up and you get to attend an additional 20+ meetings if you wish.

The other event will be the return of "The Horned Rat". This will be held on Queens Birthday Weekend (June 3-4) in Upper Hutt. As NiCon in Auckland is not offering KoW, an opportunity has opened for a North Island event that weekend. Saturday will be a four round 2000 point event while Sunday will be a large multiplayer game. The cost is $30 and that allows you to play either or both events as your schedule fits.

Players Packs will be released soon for both the Super Series and The Horned Rat.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


  1. Nice to find out these dates.

    With the KoW gaming community in the Auckland area choosing not to enter NICon, and T9A barely making the cut (and has only because of the influence of my collaborator in Auckland), the "Child of Fantasy" System which is streets ahead of the other two is Age of Sigmar. Its on 17 now with 5 others part way through registration.
    Cheers Rob

    1. I don't kno if they are choosing not to play Rob. Four months out is a long time for some wargamers to commit.

      Still good you've got AoS and T9A confirmed, I'm sure the participants will enjoy the opportunity to play.