Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Hobby Update

Quite a busy weekend.

I continued printing off Trenches and now have around 20 components done. Woke up this morning and had run out of PLA - so I'll be making some calls this morning.

On Saturday I had a 40k game against Hagen's Sisters. As noted in an early post I had fun but that was more in despite of the rules - which I find have levels of detail that add complexity rather than improve the game. Not sure what snapfire, going to ground, overwatch etc really add for instance. Wound allocation is laborious etc. Still good to get the models out and we have another game set up for first weekend of March.

I spent the last two afternoons watching the Las Vegas Open. This was high end competitive 40k so was an interesting watch. None of the five games I had on in the background got to Turn 5 which tends to reinforce my point above. The technical ability of the players on show was very good and it was fun to follow the event. 400 players, wow!

This week I'm looking to finish up my Emperor's Children squad. Struggling to get a nice purple highlight. The ones I laid down with the airbrush have all but disappeared as I have painted the rest of the figures.

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  1. Glad you had fun with the 40K game Pete. Watching you and Hagen play made me glad I was playing Saga.