Sunday, February 19, 2017

Battle Report - The Herd versus Undead in Dominate

Conscious of the fact that I don't want to "do a Vaul"* here's some observations on my second game down the Club yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos during this game as my battery was low.

Kent and I rolled up "Dominate" and generated a new terrain map from the Norse Map Pack. My army was the same as that against Carson. The Undead had a Lord on Pegasus, Liche King and Army Standard Bearer, two Hordes of Werewolves, Horde of Wights, Wraiths, Zombie Legion, Revanant Horde and two Troops of Skeletons.

I won the roll for first turn and decided I needed to take it to try and stop the infantry Horde and Legion from getting in the centre circle. To this end I managred to push my Spirtwalkers through one Skeleton Troop and in conjunction with the Brutox pushed forward into the Zombie Legion.

On my left the Lycans charged the Wraiths and were Bane Chanted by the Shaman. However they rolled really poorly for the Nerve Check - needed unrerollable 5. This failure set the tone for the game as I had to react to setback and started reinforcing failure with more failure. 😟

The Spiritwalkers inflicted 20 wounds on the Zombies which set me up for a victory against the Nerve 28 Legion. However the Brutox inflicted nothing with its 10 attacks. I failed the Nerve Roll and now my Spiritwalkers were in a lot of trouble. They survived the first Zombie countercharge but died when they and my Brutox failed again to make a Nerve Roll. This, along with my Lycans being Wavered twice put me in a precarious position once the Wight Horde disposed of my screening Beast Pack. My plan was falling apart dramatically.

On the right a Werewolf Horde routed my Harpies but in turn were destroyed by a Stampede. These were then charged by Vampire Lord and the second Werewolves but held. I managed to get the disordered Stampede and my Centaur Lord into the Vampire and damage but he held. The Stampede fell to the combined charges in the next turn.

The second Stampede and the Centaur Chief finished the Vamp on Pegasus but were now outnumbered 4 units to 2. Eventually both fell to the Undead.

In the centre the Spirtwalkers were finished off by the Zombie Legion while the Wights destroyed the Chimera I had had to chuck in to fill a hole. All the while the Lycans were failing to finish off the Wraiths as they were constantly wavered. When they finally did they were charged by the Wights who killed them.

At the end of Turn 6 the game was a draw and I hoped it would end as Kent would steamroller me if it went to Turn 7. It did and he the end I only had my Shaman left.

It was a great game and I learned an awful lot. The key thing was to have contingency plans. When I got into bother I was fully committed and if things continued to deteriorate I had no way to claw it back.

Well done to emphatic victory to him.

* "Doing a Vaul" - we had a player locally who used to post battle reports on YouTube. However they only ever featured him winning!

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