Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Help Wanted - Fields of Blood Warhammer 40k New Zealand Grand Tournament Flyer

I was hoping that a reader of the blog - with far more creative skills than myself - could help me produce a flyer for this year's FOB Warhammer 40k NZGT.

Given that I use MS Paint + Word for most of my image manipulation, I'm thinking that the world may have moved on from 1998.

Is there anybody out there with the necessary skills that can either create a flyer or direct me to an app or software that will let a philistine like myself do it easily.

Drop me an email

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  1. I personally use Inkscape for such tasks. It's an open source ( and so free ) vectorial paint tool. This kind of tool also include the not so free Adobe Illustrator.

    Depending on what's your type of desired result you may prefer/need to combine it with a non-vectorial paint tool such as photoshop, or gimp or kritta.