Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hobby Goals - Q1 2018

Start of the year, time to list hobby goals for 2018. Decided that rather than post for the full year I will do bite sized chunks quarter by quarter. The reason for this is that, like all gamers, I suffer from hobby attention deficit syndrome flipping from one thing to another.

So here are my Q1 one goals:

Kings of War

  • Get my Elves on the table. About 6-7 years ago I bought Phil Comins' beautifully painted Fire Elves. Since then they have languished in my cupboard, mostly because I hate the pompous PEGs as a race. However this year I have decided they need to see some table time. With the Varangur finished I'm going to get these guys "tabletop-ready". This means movement trays plus adding in a few extra models to get the necessary "KoW units". I may even talk nice to Phil and see if he can paint some units for me.

  • Elven terrain. I have some of the Battlefield in a Box Elven terrain which I intend to revamp to match the army. Also keen to investigate whether there are any 3D printable Elven scenery pieces I can produce.
  • Print some Aztec type ruins to create a new table for Kings of War based around jungle.
War of the Roses DBA

  • My club the Warlords has got together to have a club project for the year. About 8-9 have signed up and we will each created a 12 element DBA army (approx 60 figures) to play a series of multiplayer games and campaigns. I am doing the Nevilles, led by the Earl of Warrick. Hoping this gets done over the next three weeks.

Warhammer 40k
  • Slaanesh Daemons. New codex out in a fortnight. I have all the figures to build a metal Juan Diaz Daemonette army. Already have the chariots painted (sans crew) and a 23 daemonette unit for my EC. Hopefully there will be potential to cross over for a Forces of the Abyss Succubi army.

  • Adepticon! After attending in 2014 and 2015, this year I'm braving the 50 hour round trip to attend again. Jack is meeting me in Chicago and we are staying at the venue. We have signed up for a lot of the hobby classes rather than gaming events. We see so little practical tuition down here in New Zealand. Keen to meet any KoW or 40k gamers that are followers of the blog and intend to drop by and see some of the podcasters I follow.
Reasonably packed first three months. Follow the blog to see how much I achieve 😋

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  1. Sounds like some good goals and I think splitting into quarters is a great idea.