Monday, January 15, 2018

Hobby - One Hour A Night

So with the warm weather I have been in a real hobby procrastination rut.

I have plenty of things to do, I want to do them but nothing's happening.

The hobby area has been cleaned up, new brushes broken out, airbrushes stripped and cleaned....but.

I a great believer that you can train yourself to do something via repetition and so I decided to apply that to this hobby bump to get me over it.

One Hour A Night

Decided to commit myself to one hour of (physical) hobby per night. By physical, I mean making or painting something - not watching videos, reading blogs etc.

So every weekday evening between 7.00-8.00pm I am going to "hobby". My alarm is set to give me the extra prompt should I "forget".

The intention is to get into a "hobby habit". Some might view such an approach as too regimented or treating your relaxation as a job. For me I see it as a pathway to success. I like to hit milestones and want my hobby efforts to be directed rather than ramshackle. I see this has being a better methodology than "I'll paint this unit over the next two weeks" as that goal will be achieved if I make hobbying a habit.

I'll report back in a month on how I'm doing.


  1. You will probably find that week end are hard to reliably get time for hobby.

    1. Going to stick to weekday evenings to avoid that

  2. It is surprising how much you can get done if you just put a little time aside each day. I try and do around 30-40 mins each day after work and I always feel like I am making progress.