Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Busy week for me.

I painted my Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets I purchased in 2011. Just doing the last details and then I'll get pictures up. I also finished the unit of 23 Daemonettes I had been working on.

As I was base coating my KoS the regulator on my airbrush compressor seized. I was able to order one online (Xmas Day) and it turned up two days later. Regulator had been in use for 6.5 years so shouldn't complain.

I stripped down both my Patriot and Sotarr airbrushes and gave them a sonic clean. Put oil on the threads and reassembled. They are back to 100%. It is amazing the paint that builds up in them even with regular cleaning.

With Jack back we put some of the mods onto my 3D printer. It now has a Z-axis brace which should stop any wobble and thumbwheel bed level adjusters. Ready to print some 40k scatter terrain.

Finally put together my Perry WotR figures for the Warlords Project this year. Nice figures that are easy to put together. Looking to base coat this week if the weather cools down.

Had one game against Hagen's Imperial "Soup". My Noise Lord, the Daemon Prince Challis Drant collected the artefact we were fighting over and made off with it while the rest of the army distracted the lackeys of the Corpse-god. Superior intellect beats bright new tools every time 💀

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