Monday, January 22, 2018

40K - Emperor's Children Daemon Prince

The Emperor's Children have a history of seeking perfection. Part of the backstory of their embracing of Slaanesh is tied to this goal.

In the art from the Great Crusade they are portrayed with classical features and long manes of luxuriant white hair. They are the Fabios of the twenty Legions.

When I was looking for a model to use as a Daemon Prince for my Emperor's Children, I thought of the Forgeworld Mourngal figure. This model is clearly humanoid and seems to reflect the host being ripped apart as the Daemon emerges. I have painted mine up to try and build on that imagery with the classical visage distorted and the hair lank and matted.

The other big advantage is that he has the pair of Malefic Talons that I tend to equip my Daemon Prince with.

Happy with the model as although quite simple it captures a blessed Legion Commander quite nicely. It has been based as per my Emperor's Children on a 60mm base.

He has already had one outing on the table where he picked up the objective and carried it to a place of safety.

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