Monday, January 29, 2018

Wargaming - It's Not A Spectator Sport

Over the weekend - as Liverpool got bundled out of the F.A. Cup in the 4th Round.....again - I was thinking about the various futility inherent in hobbies.

If you follow a sports team you literally have no ability to influence its success. Nothing you will do will impact on whether it wins or loses. And the only payoff is reflected glory and being part of an equally futile community.

The Last Time I Smiled

Dark? Probably. Deep? A bit, I suppose.

I then thought about it in context of wargaming.

So often you hear people bitching about either dice or an opponent's list, as though the outcome was inevitable and more importantly A SITUATION YOU COULD DO NOTHING ABOUT.

That sort of approach really puts you in the position of the sports spectator. You are saying you have no influence. Stepping back I thought that if that was the case then why bother (assuming your motivation is to win). Give up the game and watch sports on the couch.

But I suspect that isn't the reality rather a distorted view of the situation which absolves you from blame. Far better to ignore the dice - sunk costs in effect - take a breath and start again. If you perceive that your loss is due to list disparity then you also have options there.

The thing you can't do is say you don't have options.

As a smarter man than me once said......


  1. I remember Furion talking in his videos about having a failed check was the players fault. it put the player in the position of having to roll the dice in the first place.

    I remember the game when your doom rocket routed my spears and sorceress off the table. I could blame the dice for failing the check. But the root cause we me moving my general and BSB out of range because I wanted them to do something else. So my fault for not managing the risk.

  2. Imagine if you were a Warriors fan. Oh, wait....

    1. Not me....tipping point was first Penrith game in 2017

    2. Keep the faith Pete, keep the faith.