Sunday, January 14, 2018

40K - Keeper of Secrets

I have had a Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets in my grey plastic/resin "Drawer of Shame" since 2011. The model is so nice and finicky with large patches of flesh, I have always felt too intimidated to paint it.

Over the Xmas break I finally summoned the courage. Here's the result:

The model is very delicate for such a large piece. Each of those spikes has to have holes drilled and then is individually attached. Same with the "dreads" which have to be formed from straight resin.

The razor blades on the gauntlet have 0.3mm pins in them.

I found painting that much flesh intimidating. In the end I did several thin glazes to try and achieve the correct definition.

Now I just have to paint another 50+ Juan Diaz daemonettes!


  1. Very nice work Pete, most impressive..... i like the colour modulation on the sword... i didnt think of going that on mine.

  2. Very nicely done! I know the feeling. Quite precisely, actually. It hasn't been as long, but I have a KoS I converted from a VerminLord that's been sitting around for ages waiting for me to get through to the parts of the paint job that I'm worried about screwing up. Hopefully I can manage it as well as you have here!