Friday, May 22, 2020

40K - FOB NZ Open - Photos #2

Here are the second tranche of photos from The NZ Open in March 

Alistair Helm's Tau occupy the city in a civil war

Jordan Green's Death Guard supported by Chaos Knights

Space Marines occupy a strong defensive position

Opposite the Orks fortify their own lines

Aaron Wilson's Ad Mech 

...... lined up against The Greater Good

Kent Jackson's Astartes vs. Josh Lloyd's Necrons

The Grey Knights lined up against Blood Angels

Looking down the runway

Sean Sullivan's Imperium Soup facing off against Orks

The Orks dig in

Scott Paterson's Tau up versus Sam Whitt's Chaos Space Marines

The Chaos Terminators just prior to their annihilation

The CSM Firebase

Steve Joll's Tau

Custodes Bikes about to hit Steve's Tau 

It's an Orkky Life

Guard Bullgryns about to charge Thousand Sons

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