Tuesday, May 26, 2020

40k - FOB NZ Open - Photos #3

Here are the final photos from March's NZ Open. Hopefully we'll soon be back to tournaments as restrictions to stop you running into the 20 people in the country currently symptomatic with Covid-19, are lifted.

Some people just want to see the world burn!!!!!

Imperial Desecration Imminent 

There Goes the Neighbourhood!

It's an AdMech Life

The Thin Grey Line......of Paladins

Scott Clough's Marines Swarm the City Centre

Aaron Wilson's AdMech Sean Sullivan's Imperium creating Distance from the Enemy

Coming Over Here, Bringing their Drones, Taking Our Jobs....All for the Greater Good

Ryan Stuart's Bugs fought out the Final Round Top Table (though losing they secured Top Xenos Army)

Hamish Reeve's Marines  Scott Clough's Dark Angels

Scott Paterson's Tau up against Regan Ridge's "Big Guns Never Tire" themed list

Courtney Thomson steered the Thousand Sons into 2nd Place

Sam Whit's blasphemous Alpha Legion/Emperor's Children concoction

Luke Archbold's Custodes/Raven Guard Mix

Aaron Wilson's AdMech (Finally, Pete gets it right!)

Scott Paterson's Tau visit the Artillery Park that is "Lavaland"


  1. Hey Pete, the Dark Angels belong to Scott Clough :) Great photos! Enjoy seeing all the armies again!

  2. Damn....hopefully I got it right now