Monday, May 18, 2020

Slaaneshi Daemonettes

Since 2003 I have been collecting the metal Juan Diaz Daemonettes with a view to one day putting together a Slaaneshi Daemon army.

This was going to be a WHFB army but ....well GW stuffed that, didn't they 😢

To complement my Emperor's Children, there is now an opportunity to make this a 40k army.

One Hundred Diaz Daemonettes = 400+ Breasts

With the passage of time, I have managed to collect exactly 100 of these fantastic sculpts and with Lockdown have now got about 50 of them painted.

Over the weekend I based all of them on the correct 25mm round bases - running out of my legacy haul - and then applied Vallejo Earth texture.

I have also converted some to make up the crew of my Slaaneshi Chariots.

So the next few weeks will see me working through the remaining 44 Daemonettes before moving onto Seekers.

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