Thursday, May 14, 2020

40K - Lockdown Haul

So Lockdown in New Zealand ended yesterday.

Given I was going to be stuck at home for 7+ weeks I wanted to achieve something hobby wise. I'm pretty happy with what I achieved:

1. Sector Imperialis Citifight Table

Built and based 11 Sector Imperialis buildings - Sanctum, Battle Sanctum, Imperial Sectors, Basilicum and Shrine of the Aquila. All are based on Secret Weapon Miniatures' Tablescape tiles so the table is made up of modular 1' x 1' squares. These are all textured, painted, have scatter terrain and can be easily moved to create a new setup. 

2. Emperor's Children

This is the army that won 5 Games Workshop Grand Tournaments between 2003-05. It won 2 New Zealand GTs, the Melbourne GT, Sydney GT and the only ever Australian GT. I wanted to get it out on the table again so I've rebased it on Gamers's Grass bases and rehighlighted all the models. Now makes 2000 points of 8th Ed nastiness.

3. Slaaneshi Daemons

I have seen very few Slaaneshi Daemon armies on the table, certainly no fully mono Slaanesh. Over the years I have collected the Juan Diaz Daemonette and Daemonette Steeds of Slaanesh models but never got around to painting them. I had also painted 4 chariots for WHFB but...well, Gw you know what you did!

Now started to paint them. I have 30 Daemonettes on foot and I'm just starting the next 30. Also converted Juan Diaz Daemonettes to crew my chariots.

What this space cos things are going to get nasty!

4. Harlequins

The first thing I did was finish my Harlequins by adding a Frozen Star Battalion. And don't the industrious get their just reward. GW has just dropped some wonderful new rules for my Murder Clowns. As Sam Whitt says "Now you might win a game".

5. Tyranids

Two new Exocrenes and a Lictor finished. A Malenthrope and two more lictors primed.

So when Tom and Jack ask me "Daddy, what did you do during the Great Lockdown?" I can say "A lot"

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