Thursday, May 21, 2020

40k _ FOB NZ Open - Photos

The inaugural Fields of Blood NZ Open was scheduled for 21/22 March. Two days before the event our venue canceled my booking due to Covid-19 fears. Luckily I was able to secure a new venue and the event went ahead.

The numbers attending fell from 76 to 43 participants as out of towners, in particular, chose to drop out. This was totally understandable given the fast moving situation at the time. It was great to have the event, especially as it preceded seven weeks of lockdown here in New Zealand.

I took a lot of photos at the tournament and over the next three days will post them up.

Sam Nightingale navigating his Ultramarines on one of the City Tables

Aaron Twose's Imperial Fists suffering bombing runs from the forces of Chaos

A Leviathan walks out onto a lonely airfield

Sean Sullivan's Imperial Soup seeks to turn back the Green Tide

Scott Paterson looks on while his Tau wreak havoc....or at least fail to die

Steve Joll's Tau representing the Greater Good

Alastair Allan decided with his Tau....Big is Good!!!

There be Chaos......facing off against Sisters

Alistair Helm's Tau asserting board control

The Mighty Termite

Stan van der Ham's beautiful Adeptus Mechanicus

Probably not the best street in which to break cover

The Genestealer Cult of Steven Hill - All the way up from the Deep South

Marines rush the city centre

I'll have more pics up over the next couple of have patience if I haven't got to your army yet 😁

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