Tuesday, May 19, 2020

40K - Daemonettes on Mounts of Slaanesh

Here’s a real blast from the past - Metal Mounted Daemonettes

While looking for some 25mm round slotta bases on the weekend, I came across six pewter mounted Daemonettes. These were released back in 2004, following the foot sculpts of a year earlier. Both sets were done by Juan Diaz and at the time were regarded as exceptional. He managed to achieve very slender graceful models in 2 (foot) or 3 (mounted) pieces. 

The models were replaced 4-5 years later by plastics. These were far more Amazonian in nature and for me a big step back. 

I have 12 painted for my original Emperors Children army. Over the years I have collected these extra at B&B sales and the like. So all up 18 mounts to go with my 94 foot. 

Always looking for more if people have them in their collection. 

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