Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Tyranny of Distance - Wargamer's Lament

One of the things that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought home was the benefit wargamers had from globalisation.

The emergence of the internet, growth of international trade etc meant wargaming manufacturers could market to the world. As a gamer at the end of the world this meant I could access products and have them on my hobby desk in 7-14 days (regardless of where they came from).

Three & A Half Hours To Anywhere

Well that has all stopped. I have wargaming orders en route from Australia, USA, Russia and the UK and it might as well be from the Moon.

Our local GW/Warhammer shops are yet to open (and I suspect resupply will be a major issue when they do). I've been very lucky in that I have a FLGS but looking at his online store shows he now has empty shelves. My main local online supplier has only been up and running since last Wednesday.

So while I've made a lot of progress getting through the grey plastic (and in some cases pewter) mountain), it will reach a point when supplies won't be available to finish projects.

I've noticed this with plastic bases and have spent the past few weeks cadging bases to finish projects. 

Hopefully as the pandemic first wave dissipates, we'll see shipping get back to normal.


  1. GW Wellington cannot budge until UK legal says its ok. so who knows how long that will be.

    I have an order that left russia on the 12th of March, is it late? i dont know at this point.

  2. If it's GW paints your'e after Cerberus games have a decent stock of most colours. Parking is easy as there is barely any street traffic in the city.

    1. Thanks Carson. I didn't even know they existed.

    2. Oops, make that Caffeinated Dragon on Victoria St.