Friday, September 17, 2010

Guardcon This Weekend

So I've got Guardcon in Auckland this weekend. Speaking to a couple of mates this morning I told them that I was pretty much over all the bitching and moaning that seems to coalesce around a lot of the Auckland events. The Comp whinging and campaigning gets very old, very fast.

I have a lot of respect for the TO and Umpire this year, Nick Irvine. If he wasn't running it (and if the flights to Auckland hadn't been purchased before the whinging started) then I probably would have opted out. That said, once there I'm sure it will be a good event and I'll have some great games.

In the first round I am playing Nicholas Ng who is running Empire. Guardcon allows first round grudge matches and I use it as an opportunity to play somebody I haven't played before. Empire certainly has the firepower to deal with Skaven so it should be a good matchup.

So what are my targets for the weekend? Last year I finished 29th out of 62 which I was really disappointed with given I won 5 out of 6 games and scored full Sports/Painting. This year there are 38 players. I'll be disappointed if I don't make the Top 10. My target is Top 6 and anything more than that will be an added bonus. Hoping too, to get my Skaven through to the final cut for Players' Choice.

Tune in Monday to find out how I did....Same Rat-time, Same Rat-Channel

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