Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spiral-Bound Mini-Rulebook = WIN!

There have been some internet postings suggesting that the binding on the mini-rulebook in "Island of Blood" is unlikely to stand up to repeated use. Ben Curry on a recent Bad Dice Podcast indicated that his was already falling apart - and that after minimal use.

Sine the release of Warhammer Armies: High Elves, Games Workshop's army books and 40k codexes have been plagued by pages falling out. About a year ago I took all my books in to the local printing firm and got them to spiral bind them for me.

Not only has this stopped the books suffering from pages falling out, but it also allows you to open the book flat on the table and have it stay open at that page.

The new mini-rulebook is the first A5 size book that I have had done.

There's the new rulebook all spiral bound and with a protective plastic cover but on the front and back.

And here it is opened flat on the floor.

The binding cost me $7 NZD (USD 4, GBP 3 or AUD 5) so is very cheap given the increased longevity you get.

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  1. Nice! Absolutely worth it considering the extra longevity...'ve definitely inspired me to get mine done when it arrives!