Monday, September 13, 2010

The "Rubber Ruler"

Over the weekend I ran Fields of Blood - The New Zealand Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament. The event went really well and from a TO's perspective I saw a lot of happy gamers.

For Sports, I use a 5 point checklist for the various aspects of gamer etiquette we want to encourage. The default position is 5/5. The tournament consisted of 174 games in total and I'd suggest from memory that around 10 games had one or both participants taking less than full sports - that's a pretty good strike rate, less than 3% of Sports Scores.

In 80% of cases the Sports hit was for Incorrect/inconsistent measurement of unit movement - be it move, run, fleet or assault. Everybody has the odd lapses - particularly where there is only finite time to complete the game. However it is important to be consistent and accurate in your movement so it's worth ensuring you do make the effort.

Obviously this also applies to Warhammer Fantasy. However, 8th Edition has made things easier with the ability to pre-measure. These days I ensure I measure everything before a dice is rolled and this eliminates 99% of the potential for disagreement.

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