Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cauldron of Pox

There haven't been many updates over the past few days as I think I got too close to Clan Pestilens' Cauldron of Pox (I have lousy head cold).

The plague Priests are working away on a new set of tricks for the army to take to Guardcon in just over two weeks.

Guardcon is generally the biggest tournament on the NZ calendar though numbers seem to be down this year. I'm not sure why this is - possibly the recent arrival of 8th, perhaps the constant comp campaigning that characterises a lot of the northern tournament, perhaps just gamer malaise. However it is sad that numbers are less than 2/3rd last year's event. The TO, Nick Irvine, is one of the hobby's gentleman and has put a lot of time into running the event. He deserves the community's support.

Nick has issued a set of guidelines that will filter out any overly abusive armies and retains the veto on any he believes slip through those rules. Doing so was a very brave move so early in 8th Edition, particularly given the limited gaming that has occurred to date. However as TO he has the right to run the event as he sees fit and if you sign up you play by those rules.

It is interesting watching the Cityguard (host club) forums and see some of the comments. It reinforces to me why a lot of players now don't bother posting lists as it is invariably not worth the grief.

As I am increasingly pointing out "Other people's lists are so unfair".

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