Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magic Defense - Lore of Life (Rethink)

On an earlier post I indicated that when I played against Lore of Life I typically let my opponent get off "Throne of Vines" and then dispelled it in my next phase at its given casting value.

In retrospect, my thinking was coloured by the fact that the most common LoL caster was a Slaan and typically they backed it up with Cupped Hands (allowing them to bounce a miscast on a 2+). I still think that this is the way to go against such a beastie but have changed my view when they don't have Cupped Hands.


Well purely down to the Miscast defense that "Throne of Vines" has on the rest of the magic phase. When there is no other Miscast defense, the successful throwing of Throne of Vines stacks the cards in the favour of the caster for the rest of the phase. It gives them 80%+ impunity from a miscast meaning that they can quite happily pick up 5-6 dice for that important "Flesh to Stone", "Regrowth" or offensively "Dwellers Below".

So now if I see no Cupped Hands, I'll shut down "Throne of Vines" as a priority with the downside that I may have to where one or other spells (but probably not "Dwellers Below" at its lower casting effect.

It took me awhile - but I got there!


  1. Very strange comment.....it says "Lore of Life".....now :-)

  2. I absolutely agree with your new thinking.
    I am keen to know how you would rule as a TO in regards to when it is possible to dispel a remains in play spell. I may want to wait until my opponent declares that they are throwing 6 dice at dwellers before I declare that I want to dispel the throne of vines cast in the previous turn (seeing as you can dispel your opponents RIP spells 'at any time'). The TO at an upcoming event has ruled that the player whose turn it is can decide the order in which dispelling happens.

  3. My thinking would be:

    1. Player A says I'm rolling Dwellers on 6 dice

    2. Player B says I want to dispel Throne

    3. Player B attempts to dispel Throne

    4. Player A is free to do what he wants - recast Throne, try to cast Dwellers on as many dice as he wants or cast another spell

    Makes sense to me

  4. I look forward to playing in an event where that ruling is in effect :)