Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Player Etiquette - Conceding Games

Over the weekend at Guardcon there were at least two instances of what I consider questionable etiquette by players. I'm sure this also happens around the world from time to time, be it Newcastle, Warrington or Baltimore.

On the two occasions at Guardcon, players conceded their games early, giving their opponents 20-0 ones. In at least one of these cases, it is likely that the game would have been far closer if played to conclusion - estimates were that it would have finished somewhere between 12-8 and 15-5.

As another player I have a real problem with this. Conceding a game and giving an opponent points that they did not earn distorts the event for all the other players. Basically I feel it betrays a lack of respect for the TO and for the other players as well as depriving your opponent of the opportunity to enjoy their win.

The only instance where I can see some leeway is if your opponent is engaging in seriously unsporting behaviour.

Essentially I don't care that:

a) you can't win;
b) you're not enjoying the game; or
c) your dice have deserted you.

In these instances you man up and give your opponent the opportunity to enjoy the victory.

Why do I think this? Well, courtesy. Courtesy to your opponent, courtesy to the TO and courtesy to the other players.

This after all was a six round tournament. People didn't pay (or travel) to play in a five and a half round event. They are there for a weekend of enjoyment and by conceding you are shortchanging them.

It impacts the other players. While it's a social event it is also a contest and I know I, for one, make my opponent fight for every point because that is what I expect others to do. To give up is a big finger to each and every player at the event indicating that your sensitivities are more important than their competition.

Play the game out. I've been on the losing side many times and in every situation there is something you can gain. It might be minor like keeping a certain unit alive or major like the satisfaction that you have respected your opponent by making them earn every point.


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  2. I have never played at a tournament, but solely from an etiquette perspective I think you are absolutely right about this. I also think that "hey - you never know what might happen with those dice right?"
    There was a good example at of a video batrep between Tomb Kings and Chaos Marauders just yesterday...marauders absolutely wasted Tomb Kings to start with, but then some (Very) good luck on the Casket of Souls and Tomb Kings JUST turned it around to squeeze a win.
    Also, you are more likely to learn something by toughing it out than conceding.

  3. I always play them out even when im getting wiped out. Part of the fun in those circumstances is going down all guns blazing and trying to get that 1 pt. My 1st tournmanet vs. Nick Irvine he left me with 3 Dwarf models on the table but it was a hugely enjoyable game.

    People who walk away from games shouldnt be allowed to return to tournament tables.