Thursday, September 2, 2010

Plagueclaw Catapult

At Pilgrimage I used the Plagueclaw Catapult for the first time. Here are a couple of photos of my model:

My "Ratapult" is based on the Orc Rock Lobba and parts of the Furnace kit.

Word is that GW are about to release a plastic kit later in 2010.


  1. That looks great!

    Can I ask where you picked up the info on the GW rumour for a plastic kit for the Plague Catapult? Only a few more months left in 2010 so I might hold off on putting one together...

  2. Thanks guys.

    Private correspondence with contact at GWUK has indicated that post the release of Island of Blood both the High Elves and Skaven will be getting additional kits. The High Elves release has been confirmed so placing lot of credence on the info.

    Plagueclaw in plastic was supposition on my part but it was suggested to me that gaps in the figure range would be filled - my guess is HPA and catapult, possibly updated Night Runners and/or Jezzails

  3. Love the Rata-pult mate! Been playing the new edition and loving it. Thinking of rocking skaven or WOC in the next school hols...

    Reading the blog with interest. So few good fantasy blogs out there!

  4. Thanks Brad. Skaven are fun but you have to be prepared to accept a certain amount of unpredictability. I think WoC are an excellent army - I do think Lord and BSB are critical to good build