Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skaven at Guardcon Part 2

So a big Day Two is needed.

Round 4 I was drawn against Paul Davison and his Skaven in the Dawn Attack scenario. I set up first put Paul stole the first turn from me. My deployment would have allowed me to attempt to assassinate his Grey Seer with Gutter Runners. When Paul failed to deal with the Gutter Runners my eyes lit up. In they went and duly killed the general. From here I thought things should have been relatively straightforward but for a variety of reasons I could just not finish units off and Paul was able to rally broken units even without the General's steadying influence. As the game went on Paul was reduced to no wizards yet my three guys continually failed to prosecute their magic dominance. The game finished in a very frustrating 11-9 win to Paul.

My fifth round opponent was Tim Norling who I had traveled up with. We play regularly and discuss lists to death. Therefore I knew his list and he knew mine. Unfortunately for me we were playing in the worst scenario for Skaven versus Warriors of Chaos, Watchtower. Tim won the roll and placed 18 Chaos Warriors with Banner of Rage in the building. I wasn't sure how I'd get them out. In the end the game came down to a few key decisions. Firstly, me putting my Abomination into the building. Wrong. Secondly, Tim bringing his Warriors out to threaten the flank of my Furnace unit. Wrong. Thirdly, me using a redirector to set up a multiple charge on his knights. Right. I was able to charge Tim's Warriors in the flank after they had seen off the HPA and ventured out, breaking them and turning the battle. I think if Tim hadn't pulled them out but instead moved his characters to join them then he would have won. Once I had the ascendancy I applied my foot to his throat and ground out an 18-2 win.

In the final round I played Luke Brimblecombe and his Warriors of Chaos. Luke had been leading the tournament early on and still on Table one in Round 5. Like all three of my WoC opponents over the weekend, he had a 45-50 model unit of Great Weapon wielding Marauders. I sensed early on that Luke was keen to get a good finish in the event and he mentioned that he didn't want to fall to 20th so I assumed (correctly) that he'd take a defensive stance. He had a Level 4 with Heavens and his offence over the course of the game was pretty much confined to bringing down the Comet. Over the middle turns he was able to bring down three of them but although of varying degrees of power they only accounted for my Ratapult. I was able to pick up a couple of units of Dogs, the Warshrine and a unit of knights (the other was reduced to one model) and I suspect Luke was pretty happy to concede a 12-8 win to me.

So I finished on 75 points and with full painting, sports and composition this was enough to give me Second Place (my son Jack incurred a comp hit that cost him second). I was also very pleased to pick up Players Choice for Best Painted Army.

The final instalment tomorrow where I'll give a wrap-up.

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