Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversions - Ratling Gun - WIP

One of the gaps in the new Skaven range is the Ratling Gun Weapons Team.

When I saw the new Warpgrinder I felt that I was unlikely to use that unit in the game but that it would make an excellent base model for a Ratling Gun.

Below are a few pictures of my WIP Ratling Gun.

This is a really simple conversion. All you need is the Warpgrinder team and a 40k Assault Cannon (the plastic Terminator ones - Vanilla, Dark Angels, Space Wolves etc - are best). If you can't blag one off your friends check out the numerous bits suppliers on the web.

The conversion is a simple "slice and splice". Remove the Warpstone drillbit while being careful to protect the tubes and piping then attach the stripped down assault cannon barrel. I'd recommend using a pin for extra sturdiness. If you are very keen you can drill out the cannon barrels.

After I had constructed my version I bought the new "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven" book, I found great minds think alike. There on Page 34 under Clan Rictus is a picture of a Ratling Gun team which bears a striking resemblance to what I made.

So I guess I can even claim it is "historical"!

Now that it is base coated and based I'll be painting it up to the standard of the rest of the army.


  1. great job. I had the same idea to use that warpgrinder did very well!

    Can't wait to make a couple of my own.

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