Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversions - Ratling Gun - WIP

One of the gaps in the new Skaven range is the Ratling Gun Weapons Team.

When I saw the new Warpgrinder I felt that I was unlikely to use that unit in the game but that it would make an excellent base model for a Ratling Gun.

Below are a few pictures of my WIP Ratling Gun.

This is a really simple conversion. All you need is the Warpgrinder team and a 40k Assault Cannon (the plastic Terminator ones - Vanilla, Dark Angels, Space Wolves etc - are best). If you can't blag one off your friends check out the numerous bits suppliers on the web.

The conversion is a simple "slice and splice". Remove the Warpstone drillbit while being careful to protect the tubes and piping then attach the stripped down assault cannon barrel. I'd recommend using a pin for extra sturdiness. If you are very keen you can drill out the cannon barrels.

After I had constructed my version I bought the new "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven" book, I found great minds think alike. There on Page 34 under Clan Rictus is a picture of a Ratling Gun team which bears a striking resemblance to what I made.

So I guess I can even claim it is "historical"!

Now that it is base coated and based I'll be painting it up to the standard of the rest of the army.

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  1. great job. I had the same idea to use that warpgrinder did very well!

    Can't wait to make a couple of my own.