Friday, February 25, 2011

Two New 40k Purchases and some Fantasy Terrain

Just picked up two brand new Forgeworld Greater Daemons for my 40k armies.

My Death Guard is going to have the pleasure of this guy joining their ranks.

And the Emperor's Children will be reinforced with this little lady.

These were picked up off the local Trade Me for 70% of their UK Forgeworld price. I'm pretty happy at getting hold of them.

I'm pretty confident painting the Big Guy but knowing my limitations I've had the Keeper sent to my son Jack and suggested he might like to paint it :-) We'll see!

So the two Traitor Legions will both be fielding Summoned Daemons shortly. God knows what a Rhino looks like if he turns up inside!

I've also received Tabletop World's Merchant's House and Well. The model was very easy to put together and is next on the painting table. Here is the model from their website.

Want to have this on the table for Runefang IV.

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