Monday, February 14, 2011

Life is a Box of Chocolates

Yesterday I had one of those games where you have a series of choices; you take one and immediately know it is the wrong one.

I was playing Tim our local WoC player and had spent 5 successful turns feeding his Chosen Funbus – 3+ Wd, Stubborn, Extra Attack – a total of 97 points to keep them out of the game. It was bottom of Turn 5 and I had a unit of Slaves fighting Khorne Marauders. This was the second unit I had fed in but they gave me the opportunity to shoot, magic etc into the combat and whittle them down from 50 to 6.

I had a Catapult and an Engineer in front of the Chosen and took the opportunity to move them away – wrong move! And I knew it immediately. It exposed the flank of the slave unit to a charge by the Funbus.

In Turn 6 Tim went in and took out the Slaves and as a result was able to overrun (just) into the flank of my Stormvermin. In my Turn 6 these were beaten and were run down by the Chosen.

So that one mistake cost 682 points turning at worse a draw into a loss. However even in my last turn I could have rescued the situation. I had the opportunity to clip the SV/Chosen combat with some Clanrats which would have given me Steadfast for that unit meaning that the Stormvermin couldn’t be pursued.

So the big lesson here is that you need to watch and be aware whether a train of events can be set in place. Also be aware that fleeing at end of the game is okay (as long as you aren’t run down).

This was another fun game that demonstrated the Skaven’s unpredictability.
• The HPA went down to a Fireball Turn 1
• My Engineer with the Condensor got off Warp lightning Turns 1 & 2 only to roll a “1” each time killing himself. On the flipside he shot the Doomrocket in his one shooting phase killing 19 Marauders.
• My Ratling Gun mis-fired spinning around and killing a nearby Doomflayer.
• The Warp Lightning Cannon decided on Turn 2 that it had had enough and exploded.
• A fleeing Engineer rallies on a single test of 5

I love Skaven!! You never know what you’ll get!!! Truly the army for us Forrest Gumps of the world.

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