Monday, February 7, 2011

More on Runefang

Well the idea of a Campaign Weekend Tournament seems to have gone down well. Half the places are gone and I haven’t written the Players Pack (I’ll get onto that this evening).

I’m really hoping this type of event takes off and provides an outlet for a lot of players to broaden their armies. One of the ways that I am hoping to encourage the narrative of these events is to have future campaigns linked to the previous ones – and I give those that have attended first go at tickets for the next one 

A number of the rules that I am looking at for the event are:

• No Double Rares (unless 2:1) – and Rare % limited to 20% (400 points)
• No Double Specials (unless 2:1)
• Core % = minimum of 30% (600 points)
• No unit (including Command, Banners, Magic Items etc) over 350 points
• Warmachines limited to a maximum of three (2:1 count as single choice)

The intention here is to increase the emphasis on Core and/or units you do not usually see. Given that the aim is fun rather than crushing your opponent, it may give people the impetus to build and paint that new unit that may have seemed sub-optimal. Who knows you may find an uncut diamond?!

I’m looking at doing a similar event for 40k in May/June.


  1. Interesting restrictions going to have to modify my Dwarf list now. Although the 350pt max per unit does make it harder for armies whose core troops are expensive, i.e, I cant take my horde of Dwarf Warriors now

  2. Great to see some guidelines already, it will help me form the new army faster