Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tomb Kings - Tahrir Is Not the Only Revolution It Seems!

A major surprise from GW last night – notification of new Tomb Kings in May.

The shock wasn’t that they were being revised – they are the oldest current book – but how fast they are coming to market. There is only a gap of two months between March’s Orcs & Goblins and new Tomb Kings (As an aside Jack was kicking the cat this morning has he had May marked for the second wave of Dark Eldar).

So GW do a swerve job on us.

Things I’ll be watching for in the upcoming release:

• How will incantations work in a true 8th Ed book

• Will the Tomb King Light Chariots be beefed up now that Goblin Wolf Chariot units are in play and hit harder or will they stay as form of Fast Cavalry

• What big Monster are we going to get – recent history suggests we’ll get something – perhaps some sort of animated statue like a sphinx or jackal god.

• Magic items – more than 8? I can name eight that they’d want to keep – Chariot of Fire, Flail of Skulls, Destroyer of Foes, Icon of Rakeph, Banner of the Undying Legion, Cloak of Dunes, Brooch of the Desert and the item that let’s you transfer a wound on a 4+

• What points reduction will we see for skeleton infantry – and will there be enough of a difference so you take close combat troops over the now ubiquitous archers

The Tomb Kings were my first army. I hope that they give them enough love for me to get them down from the shelf.

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  1. I am sooooo excited by this news! You may be the master of the rats Pete but my old dirty bones with roll yours! :)

    All I want is a Sphinx and my legions of skeles to not be totally RUBBISH!