Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Says Old Dogs Can't Learn New Tricks?

For Xmas I got a Kindle e-Reader from Amazon. There are lots of comparable products such as the Kobo, Sony e-Reader etc, even the iPad. Since I got it I think I’ve purchased and read 10+ books.

Apart for being really good to read books (especially for tired old eyes), it has the ability to read pdfs. This makes it great for the wargamer. I have loaded all the GW FAQs, Army Book and Rulebook pdfs onto my Kindle. They are there at the touch of a button. And because the kindle is so slim (it fits easily into the front pocket of my gaming bag) I can take it along with me when I play.

In addition to this, most tournaments are now publishing their Players Packs as pdfs so you can upload the pack onto your Kindle and have it with you without needing to print it out. You then have all the relevant scoring info, VP charts and schedule at your beck and call.

Finally, Army Builder 3 gives you the ability to publish your lists as pdfs. You can now upload your list to your Kindle in “Tournament Format” or as a full list with all characteristics etc. Again, a great way to cut down on all the paper you need to carry around and generally forget to print out.

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