Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Orcs & Goblins Up on Advance Order

The new Orcs & Goblins are up for Advance Order and paint me a little underwhelmed. The new Giant Spider (below) is a fantastic looking kit but the rest are really blaaaah! The Savage Orcs appear really bland. Hopefully things look better in the real life.

The other talking point is GW's move to a hardback Army Book. As somebody who has felt motivated for the past two years to spiral bind all my books I see this as an admission by GW that there has been a problem with the paperback books - and that this problem can't be fixed easily/economically.

However this is all surface detail. i'm really keen to see what Jeremy Vetock has done with the rules. I obviously loved his work with the Skaven and have faith that he will have captured the essence of the Greenskins.

Rumours should start to trickle out as people open the black boxes.

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