Friday, June 24, 2011

Horned Rat IV Campaign Weekend

Next weekend is the second of the Fantasy Campaign Weekends that I am organising. Horned Rat IV has attracted 21 players split over seven teams. Most of the players were at the first event, Runefang IV, and I’m really happy that we’ve got such a strong returning coterie.

The teams that are participating are:

Resplendent – High Elves

Stunty – Dwarves

SAD – Skaven

Squigchompas – Orcs & Goblins

R.O.Man – Empire/Brets/Wood Elves

Dark Alliance – Chaos

Slippery - Lizardmen

Points’ value for the weekend is 2000 points with 100 point sideboard (one unit) in each of Core, Special and Rare. There is very light comp as per previous posts on this blog.

Based on GW’s Mighty Empires, this time there will be extra event cards and secret strategic objectives. There will also be the opportunity for the Races to horse trade amongst themselves based on simple Good/Evil lines:

Good – Resplendent, Stunty, ROMan, Slippery

Evil – SAD, Dark Alliance, Squigchompas

Of course that doesn’t stop a race acting independently.

Hopefully we’ll get lots of interesting battles and heaps of pictures.


  1. Looking forward to a fun event... hoping my flight goes ahead otherwise it will be 20 players!

  2. I look forward to reading the battle reports!