Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review - Hoard of Bits

For me, one of the best services for wargamers is offered by a US firm Hoard of Bits.

As you’ve probably guessed these guys supply specific parts broken down from plastic GW kits. They exist on eBay and have the advantage of offering both auctions and the options to buy immediately. This allows you to pick up some very good bargains where you are after specific parts – for instance I bought 32 Tomb King archer arms and quivers delivered to New Zealand for $10 (USD 8, GBP 5). This is the equivalent of buying two boxes of TK infantry.

So there is a real opportunity to save yourself money where you only require part of the box. Remember though, it is driven by supply and demand so you the price you pay reflects desirability. In 4th Edition, Terminator Assault Cannon arms were sought after, now you find you have to pay up for power armour combi-melta arms. In Fantasy there are similar dynamics Skaven Gas Mask heads are a sought after item. However you can buy in bulk e.g. if you want Skavenslaves in shackles or Pestilens clan rats etc. It is also a great way to get the same shield for your units.

There are other bits suppliers out there but where Hoard of Bits work for me is that everything in their shop is for sale. Nothing is advertised that is not in stock. So you can check out the Buy It Now price or if you have some patience you can bid on an auction. So many of the other sites seem to work on the basis of requiring a threshold of orders across a plastic box before it is purchased and broken down. By virtue of its size that’s not the case with Hoard of Bits!

Postage is very cheap and also very quick - typically a week at most.

So strongly advise checking them out (eBay ID: hoard_*_bits).


  1. Love these guys - have got heaps of stuff from them in the past

  2. Thanks for the post - put my first round of bids in today :P.

  3. Good to know. Always handy to know about bitz services.