Friday, June 10, 2011

Mouse Droppings

This weekend I am hoping to finish off the last of the Skaven I will paint for a while. I’ve got the following left on my desk all very near completion:

• Nurglitch
• Ikit
• Trentch
• Spinetail
• Ratling Gun conversion
• Doomflayer
• Games Day Warlord
• 8 Plague Censer Bearers (including Nurglitch’s minion and a Chanter)

I do have a lot of Skaven figures left (three sets of Island of Blood) but they will be later in the year.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures up on Monday night.

On Sunday I am giving my Horned Rat list a run to see how it goes. It is getting a run out versus Warriors of Chaos so a tough match up I expect. The key things will be to get the right deployment, work out my magic and determine whether the character setup is right.

Expect a report next week.


  1. I've got a lot of painting I'd like to get done as well. Could make a day of it if you're keen?

  2. Love to but can't. On a course next week and need to read five chapters of textbook before Monday.

    Next weekend for sure though.