Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free tournament points... part one.

Hey fatties!

A while back I mentioned I would write a quick series of guides on how to milk the most out of painting points, for minimal effort. It will in fact be 5 easy steps, in 5 different articles.

Some people just don't enjoy the painting side of the hobby, and don't want to invest time here. I respect that there are so many different ways to enjoy this hobby, but thought I could help these people out in sneaking a few extra points so that for minimal time and effort, you can get close to, if not maximum painting points.

I thought I would start right at the beginning. When you first pick an army, one of the first decisions you are faced with is colour scheme. If you're Pete Dunn, this is easy, purple and green, NEXT!
If you're anyone else though, this can often be a choice of some agony. If you really enjoy the painting aspect, you probably really love this step, painting several test figures, experimenting etc.
If you're not a fan though, you normally just leap right in, often with something you know, to help speed it up.

Colour scheme is hugely important, the best painted army will look like ass if the colours don't work well together. The easiest way to come up with a scheme is to just go rip off someone who's already done all this hard work for you :D

The easiest way to do this is to jump over to to do a bit of a search. Click on "Search Images" at the top, type in something generic for the race you're looking for "e.g. 'eldar'" and hit the "search images" button below it.

When the next page loads, change the sort order to "descending", scroll past all the crazy people who freehanded a baby jesus into the ball sweat reflection of their blood thirster, and then just start scrolling back and forth until you find a few that you really like the look of.

Avoid colours like Yellow and White if you want good looking results for minimal efforts, and avoid black being the main colour (it's easy, but without a lot of effort it just looks like you never bothered to paint that bit), and then choose one to copy.

Sounds minor, but the right colour choice can make all the difference, and that's a step that will take you 5 minutes tops.

- Charlie


  1. Definitely agree with this. I trawl CMON heaps before I start a new army, and bookmark everything that catches my eye. It really is a great first step

  2. It's a shame CMON doesn't have Warhammer Forge as a search category (just "GW").

  3. If it's not Purple and Green, you're not trying!!!

  4. I figured if I was gonna rip on pete for purple and green, I better back I up with evidence in plain sight that I'm a big fat hypocrite!

  5. The problem for me has never been choosing a colour scheme, because as you mention there is heaps of inspiration and examples out there, its been adapting and dumbing a scheme I like down enough so that it matches my limited painting abilities.