Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Tomb King List

So here is my first attempt at a 8th Edn Tomb King list.

High Liche Priest - Lvl 4, Earthing Rod, LoN

Liche Priest - Lvl 2, Scroll, LoN


3x 20 Archers - Muso, Std

1x 10 Warriors

2x 3 Chariots - Muso

4 Necropolis Knights - Muso, Std

Warsphinx - Fiery Roar

Warsphinx - Fiery Roar


Casket of Skulls

Screaming Skull Catapult

That's 2400 points on the button!



I'm already tinkering before it gets on the table. See comments for initial changes


  1. It matches what I've heard on Heelanhammer and Bad Dice, so it should be a good starter for ten. Shame you can't put another Chariot on each unit for some resiliance, but I can see that points are tight.

    Time to paint my second cannon I think.....

  2. I'm already started to have a few thoughts about changing it. I suspect that the two chariot units will morph into one unit of 4 leaving additional points to spend. Similarly I'm unconvinced regarding the BSB and think he will use some of those points to be a Lvl 1 Light wizard.

    It is a very hard list to get what you want - which I suspect is a feature of good book design