Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pox vs. The Beef

On Sunday Tim and I had our 2000 point game where my Clan Pestilens list took on his 120 + Marauder list.

I was intending to write up a battle report but given how it played out I thought I'd leave you the time to check out the DVD "100 Great Offside Traps - Arsenal's 1990/91 Championship Season".

The battle saw two combats - when 8 Censer Bearers charged a unit of hounds with the expected outcome and in the last turn when a unit of Slaves charged the flank of a Marauder block (won but failed to break them resulting in ignominious death next phase).

The game ended in a low scoring draw after I removed a unit of Marauders with Magic but then in Turn 3 my Grey Seer blew himself up.

Given my lack of magic defense I was surprised that Tim wasn't more aggressive from his Turn 3 on as I felt his Marauder blocks would eventually where my Furnace unit (the point sink) down. He had put a unit of dogs in front which I was happy to leave there as I didn't think I could take on 3 blocks and 2 chariots with a single unbreakable unit.

So dear reader, you are spared having to read the battle report.....but remember you owe me 30 minutes!

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