Monday, June 27, 2011

White Dwarf - July Issue

The July White Dwarf arrived today.

Flicked through it in ten minutes. Worst. Issue. Ever.

Seriously it is very poor. Essentially fluff piece for selling Storm of Magic products. Unless you intend getting into SoM I'd give it a wide steer.



  1. Yup it sucked.

    At least they got it out early for those of us who have foolishly subscribed. I flicked through, looked at the piccies, and have put it way.

    Sad really.

  2. There's been some bad issues... are you sure this is the flagship for the bad-issue armada?

  3. That storms of magic whirling vortex is the perfect marker for murderous hurricane, I'm so getting one to paint up for that purpose :D

  4. You're a hard man, Pete.
    It was an issue that was mostly Fantasy (a good thing from my perspective). It even had a couple of Chaos Dwarf figures in it (admittedly not two of the better ones).
    Plus it had pictures of that nifty vortex thing i'm planning on getting.

    That issue wouldn't even make it into my top ten worst White Dwarfs list.

    I'm not saying it's worth the money mind you, just that I think calling it the worst issue ever is a bit harsh.

  5. To me it was OTT on the Storm of Magic kool-aid.Call me a cynic but they even included stuff on Cities of Death just to "show" how they continue to support these supplements.

    Mark my words it will be gone in 90, 89, 88, 87.....days!

  6. Pete, I think you and I can be purists to a detriment at times. As such, the slant from this blog is always perhaps going to lean a bit far that way, out there are still some people who exclusively play apocolypse or what ever other shenanigans that never took our fancy.

  7. Hey I stopped buying 5 years ago. I just don't get why people buy it or even subscribe to WD if you're over 15.
    It's a shame as it could have a LOT of potential, to run with articles from thier 2nd tier games like blood bowl and Mordhiem even spacehulk. Alas I don't think we'll ever see it pick up it's game and will forever remain the rag it is.

  8. There is also a wonderful "Standard Bearer" article where Jervois tells us how wonderful Finecast is......and that metal is so passe