Monday, June 27, 2011

Fields of Blood 2012 - Venue Announced

The venue for the 2012 New Zealand Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament can now be confirmed. The venue was booked over the weekend and a deposit paid.

Fields of Blood will be held at Raroa Intermediate School in Johnsonville, Wellington on the weekend of 7/8 July 2012.

This venue has ample offstreet parking, is next to railway station and five minutes walk away from the Johnsonville Shopping Centre.

There you have access to the five major food groups:

Burger King
Hell's Pizza

For the adventurous among you there is a food court in the shopping centre that sells that wonder of the world "The Mixed Kebab", as well as a selection of Chinese and Indian food.

As per previous years there will be food available onsite for those that like their food bar-b-qued.

So Google Map Raroa Intermediate School and remember to mark your diaries now!


  1. Hey hey hey, don't hate on the mixed kebab, that thing is boss!

  2. No argument here.....It is a Wonder of the World. I petitioned to have it included in Civ 5 as an advance

  3. I have trouble buying anything other than the magical Mango Chicken Curry from the J'ville mall.

    I don't think any of us are going to be making it to the mall in 5 min. Maybe 8 if we are particularly energetic.

    Also no Hells, but has Dominos and Pizza hutt. Also has a Burger Fuel.

    Reckon it's a winner location.